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Lab Workbook
VMware Workstation/Esxi
Lab Simulator: Eve-ng

Download Content:

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab: Lab Topology (.png)Download
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab: Lab Workbook Module 1 + Module 2 (.pdf)Download
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab: Eve-ng Lab (Full Lab built on eve-ng simulator)Download
VMware workstationDownload

Lab Procedure/Steps:

  1. Download all materials from above provided links.
  2. If you are using VMware Esxi, Deploy new VM —-> drag&drop the four downloaded eve-ng files.
  3. If you are using VMware Workstation (v14+) —-> click on .ovf file (from the four downloaded eve-ng files) and follow normal installation process.
  4. For both VMware Workstation/Esxi specification required (VM Dedicate): CPU-8 cores & RAM-32GB
  5. After installation process completed, power on the VM.
  6. You will see an ip address on the eve-ng screen
  7. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and use the ip address to open eve-ng GUI
  8. Click on: CLC CCIE EI Lab……
  9. Click Open
  10. Now switch on the devices one-by-one or all together as required
  11. For integration of Secure CRT/Putty, download Windows Client Pack (free) from

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