CCIE and the Famous WHY

CCIE and the Famous WHY

Why is CCIE ultimate achievement for a CISCO Networking Engineer?

The eminent question that a CCIE certified individual get to answer countless times. We need to first comprehend WHY? Why CCIE Certification is considered so dominant in the Cisco networking field. Answer to that might just be a simple fact that the significance of this certification is globally acknowledged by experts /talented professionals and the leading Organizations. It’s top notched and has edge over other IT professional due to technical CCIE Training, hence this makes us ambitious to take the leading path of the field. It is proven that the experts with CCIE certification are the finest networker. This is why CCIE Certification is so valuable and prestigious.

Being CCIE certified conveys to the world that you have aced or mastered the particular technology and have in-depth knowledge of your domain of networking. Post CCNP/ CCSP most logical and essential step to enhance your career is CCIE .  There are numerous benefits of being CCIE Certified but few on top of my mind are:

  1. Expert in the Field
  2. Extensive knowledge base
  3. Job Security / Availability of Jobs
  4. Growth Opportunities
  5. Salary Packages
  6. Sense of Achievement and more

The sense of Prestige that one feels after cracking the CCIE Examination is boundless. I bet every IT professional would love to experience it and they should. If you share the urge of standing out and acing the Networking field, then you must start preparing for CCIE exam. CCIE Certification is the ultimate achievement of any Cisco Network engineer. However cracking this exams needs balance between hard work and smart work. Hard work depends on individual ability but smart work can be done regardless of abilities. For the smart work there are various platforms of CCIE study groups that can help you immensely. Be it discussion, experience/ expertise sharing, getting answerers to your doubts, peer to peer review, different perspective, better learning and sharing of knowledge, Also it is the great place to find your study partner/partners etc.

There are few suggestions of CCIE study groups that might help in making your CCIE Journey smooth.

Here are those: –>




Facebook: –>




Last but not the least your own study partner/ partners: This would help you in a great way to discuss, solve queries and share materials with each other privately.

All the best to all CCIE aspirants.

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