7 Tips To Follow For Acing CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Examination.

7 Tips To Follow For Acing CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Examination.

How can I get through such a vast and difficult CCIE EI Lab Exam in first attempt?

This is a common thought that crosses all the CCIE aspirants mind at least once before attempting the exam. Here we would like to help you with some tips that we think can help you and it worked for our users.

Presently there are millions of networking candidates that enroll with the ultimate aim of becoming CCIE EI Certified. Being a CISCO CCIE EI Certified makes you an expert in your domain and hence it’s the highest paid IT certification globally. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is an essential tool for networking professionals who want to be prepared for expert-level career prospects. You will be qualified for unique, lucrative, and fascinating employment options as a certified CCIE EI professional. This journey of succeeding as CCIE EI certified professional requires a lot of dedication, commitment, plan of action and also most Important- financial assistance; these are apparently also the reasons that many walk away or put a hold on their journey in mid-way. In addition, many of them also fail because they lack proper guidance when they need it the most. Earning a CCIE EI, one of the most respected certifications in the industry, demonstrate you as informed, driven, and a leader among your peers. Therefore, we are giving a head start to the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure candidates to know what to do and how to start their studying journey.

Tip 1. Opt for correct study materials, vendor and getting delivery at once – Students should pay careful attention to the delivery. The materials are several times delivered at the very end of subscribed period. You must ask the seller about the delivery if it is going to happen at once or in parts. If in parts, it is advised to reject, since it will be really difficult if it’s delivered at the very end or near to your examination. Ask for delivery at once when you subscribe certain packages.

Tip 2. Do not give your real Identification to any vendor– DO NOT provide your real id or anything that can let the seller know about your true identification. Communicating on telegram is the best option. Sometimes the dumps supplier would ask your identification proof, please do not fall for that; you need to be discreet about your identification as doing so may have severe consequences in future. You can create an id only for this purpose such as purchasing dumps and using the same while you are practicing as well. Beware of the sellers who ask for these information or insist on having to give the real id.

Tip 3. Make set up for offline lab/ preloaded initial – configuration – This helps you a lot if you have an offline setup which is loaded already with the initial configuration, you are good to go then. It will help you with having being able to practice in your local or personal computer.

4. Booking Slot Flexibility: Practice makes you perfect but to pass with flying colours you need to be at peace, first of all. Availability and open for changes can be very useful at times. You must make sure to ask for the flexibility of time while booking. This option itself can give you assurance that in case if there’s a problem you can always ask the vendor to adjust and make changes as per you needs.

5. DNAC + Switch 9300 series x 4: Make sure that the online rack rental has the required features for practicing DNAC. This will make you practice the real lab exam.  The most important aspect in your checklist to have DNAC + Switch 9300 series x 4 in rack rental.  Check if the vendor has this facility, hence giving you visibility inside and beyond your campus perimeter so you solve issues faster and get real lab exam environment.

6. Physical and virtual devices: While making a choice please see to that whoever you are purchasing from, offers you both Physical and Virtual device. Virtual devices are used throughout the exam which helps in more realistic and bigger network topologies. It improves the reliability of the lab exam by focusing on technology concepts rather than testing specific hardware platform features and management. Physical Switches can be connected to the Server at any time and they can be easily combined with Virtual Routers. Many terms, features, and technologies are thrown at new networking students. It is common to feel overwhelmed when learning these concepts, which seem complex and foreign to people who have no previous experience in the field. This confusion is compounded by the fact that many of these technologies overlap into each other. An example of this overlap is the concept of a virtual LAN (VLAN). Since it is common to begin by learning about physical LANs, students can become confused if instructors attempt to teach VLAN concepts without first establishing a solid understanding of the physical concepts. If your understanding of physical LAN concepts is not completely solid.

7. Continues support and guidance from an expert Enterprise Infrastructure Trainer – The essence of all these if we compile together, would be to get an idea, a perspective and guidance. To be able to understand the do’s and don’ts from actually someone who’s been there. This boost the confidence and also emotional support. You require a mentor to complete your CCIE journey because the expert keeps us on track and don’t let us stray ourselves from our aim and goal.

These guidelines that we shared above to find an efficient vendor with all the above qualities is pivotal. Tips and tricks boil down to finding a good supplier who can offer all these essential pointers, so that you are stress-free while completing your CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure track.

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