Lab4 (H4) – Arrived

Lab4 (H4) – Arrived

A very big news to all the CCIE Routing & Switching exam takers.Cisco has started testing the candidates with a new lab.
This is a very shocking news as only 8 months are remaining for the change of the version and a new lab has arrived.As per the experts, Cisco testing the candidates with all new lengthy lab with a huge number of devices making it very difficult to crack the lab within given of time.
Get ready to prepare yourself with a New Lab4.

Lab4 (H4) – Overview

Arrived date : 28/06/2019
100% Failing Results who are attempting exam and getting Lab4
In exam some candidates are getting old labs and some are getting new Lab4.
The new Lab4 is a complete scenario of a Company “Cisco Networks” containing topology in 11 parts
DataCenter1 / DataCenter2 / Headquarter1 / Headquarter2 / Training Center / Warehouse / Support Center / Local Sales Offcie / Home Offcie / Roaming Users / MPLS Core.

Details of Lab4 (H4)

More than 35 end devices (Includes : PC/Laptop/IP-Phone/Mobile-Phone/Server)
Around 18-20 L3 Switch
Around 18-22 L2 Switch
Around 25-30 Router
Around 2 Firewall (Non Clickable / Non Usable)
Total Devices : Around 105-125

Description of Lab4 (H4)

Our experts have attempted the exam.
The Lab is easier compared to all other previous Labs (Lab1 / Lab2 / Lab3).
Around 40-45% Lab is already pre-configured.
In this Lab Cisco will be testing you with the skills of BGP, VRF, DMVPN, OSPF, MULTICAST, MPLS, EIGRP, VTP,STP, Ether-Channel, Trunking, DHCP, NAT, QOS, NTP, HSRP, SSH/HTTP,

Workbook Solution Lab4 (H4)

Our experts are already in a process in completion of the solution workbook.
Very soon we will be ready with the perfect solution.
Questions + Solution + Topology + IOU-WEB

LAB4:: IOU-Web


  • Thanks for sharing the information.
    Please also tell when your lab4 workbook will be ready.
    I want to buy workbook , my exam is scheduled August 1st week.

    Alen Reply
    • Hello Alen,

      Our Lab4 workbook will be available very soon.

      admin Reply
  • Hello , CCIE LAB Center team
    I have got your link from
    Please let me , the new lab is lab4 (H4) or an update of lab3(H3+)
    if it is lab4 , then it is coming in all centers or any particular center.
    if there are 4 exam takers in exam center , lab4 is coming to all 4 candidates or is it coming randomly to anybody
    Hoping for your soon response

    Charles Reply
    • Hello Charles,

      The new arrived Lab is Lab4 not H3+
      Lab4 is a complete new lab with new topology and questions
      It arrived in the last week of June 2019 in some Centers but now it is reported in most of the Centers

      Candidates are getting Lab4 almost is every Center.

      Some are getting New Lab4 and some are getting old Labs Randomly.

      admin Reply
  • Hello, I am preparing for my CCIE exam. Can you give me more information about H4 CFG? My exam time is next month. I’ll pay for it.
    Thank You !

    Always Reply
    • Hello,

      We will surely send you details of Lab4 on your registered mail id.

      admin Reply
  • Hi,
    What are the chances of getting the lab in exam for the first attempt candidate.

    Anyal Reply
    • Hello,

      Lab4 is coming randomly in any exam center to any candidate.
      That’s why most of the other vendors still not having any update on Lab4 release.

      admin Reply
  • Hey ,
    I have checked your free lab workbooks , its good.
    Is Lab4 worbook ready ? i want to purchase asap.
    my exam next week.

    Danny Reply
    • Hello,

      Lab4 is under preparation and will be ready very soon.
      Once it is ready, it will be announced in the news section.

      admin Reply
  • What are the chances of passing in lab4

    Akimo Reply
    • Still nobody have passed in Lab4.
      Soon we will share you’ll the news of passing.

      admin Reply

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