Lab4(H4) – Topology Released

Lab4(H4) – Topology Released

Yes, Lab4 Topology is now available.

After a continuous hard work for more than a month our experts have prepared the Lab4(H4).
The Lab4(H4) has 121 devices. Some are not clickable (not in use) in exam.
Where you have tasks to complete just that devices are clickable (in use).

Tomorrow we will be releasing Lab4 IOU-Web (Beta-Version) free.
Hardware Requirement for installation of VM (IOU-Web)
CPU : Min 4 Core (Recommended above 4 Core )
RAM : Min 12 GB (Recommended above 12 GB or above )
Storage : Min 10 GB free Space

Get yourself ready for the preparation of Lab4(H4).
Do not postpone your Lab exam anymore.
CCIE Lab Center is ready with Lab4.


  • hello, the topology is not clear view.
    can u pls share it in clear format.thnks

    Scarel Reply
    • Available only for Buyers

      admin Reply
  • If I purchase , will you provide a clear topology or this blurrrrr ?

    George Reply
    • Yes. Buyers will receive a clear format Topology with all pre-configured VM (IOU-Web) full version

      admin Reply
  • Guys.
    My exam is Aug end.. i need more information on lab4 like
    what are the chances of getting lab lab4 or any other lab in exam

    Abu Ali Reply
    • In exam , which lab you are going to receive is non-predictable.
      Now-a-days most the exam takers are getting Lab4 and also some are getting old Labs
      You must not depend on only Lab4 or any other Labs.
      Its recommended to practice all Labs equally.

      admin Reply
      • Thanks

        Abu Ali Reply
  • I have already purchased all labs from my vendor but he does not have any update on Lab4.
    They just said yes it is confirmed of Lab4 coming in exams.
    I have all Labs , is there any possibility of buying only Lab4 workbook ?

    Morris Reply
  • Can you share clear topology pls.
    waiting …..

    Mitchell Reply
    • Available only for Buyers

      admin Reply
  • Is this Lab contains tunnels also which you have not mentioned in the diagram ?

    Benet Reply
    • Yes,Tunnels are present in Lab4

      admin Reply
  • Do you have the lab4 wb ready ?
    what are the chances of passing with your workbook

    Dom Reply
    • The Workbook is still under process.
      Hopefully it will be ready in the beginning of August

      admin Reply
  • IOU-Web will be free full configured/partially or blank ?

    Mark Reply
    • Free IOU-Web is beta version.
      Contains : Topology :

    • Device Connectivity
    • No of Devices
    • Device Names
    • Device Hostnames
    • Pre-Configuration (1 Section)
    • admin Reply
  • Hi Guys,
    waiting for the IOUWEB ….. at what time you will release ??????

    Mohammed Waqqar Reply
    • Today 16:00 hrs (UTC:00)

      admin Reply
  • If this lab4 is gonna be in exam then its seems to be too many devices to take more time to configure the whole lab

    Boaz Reply

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