Lab4 (H4) – IOU-Web – Released

Lab4 (H4) – IOU-Web – Released


CLC – The first to release Lab4 (H4) IOU-Web.

Hardware Requirement for installation of VM (IOU-Web)

CPU : Min 4 Core (Recommended above 4 Core )
RAM : Min 12 GB (Recommended above 12 GB or above )
Storage : Min 10 GB free Space

Details of Lab4 (H4)

Total Devices : 121
Router : 31
L3 Switch : 18
LAN Switch : 20
User PC : 26
Server : 9
IP-Phone : 8
Mobile-User : 5
Tester PC : 2
Monitoring Device : 2


Lab4 (H4) – IOU-Web

Download Link :!b24yAALK!h9ejClIPTs-FSUCMC2g3_SRV4rHFyFg4H4mV4OnQa5w

Note : We will be releasing Lab4 (H4) Sample Workbook (free).


  • Thanks for the iou-web
    but its just physical connectivity.
    what abt ip add and the other pre-config

    Komus Reply
  • A many thanks to you guys.
    i will wait for the sample workbook

    Joe Reply
  • Hello,
    You guys are sharing this stuffs, with all free….. thanks
    I want to know if you are releasing the sample workbook tomorrow means the workbook is ready , so just want to know what is the passing chances in lab4 using your workbook.
    My exam is very close. I dont want to go in the exam and sit blank if i get Lab4.
    Pls mail me if your workbook is ready , ill buy.

    Imad Hussain Reply
  • I have downloaded the iou and found it only contains device connectivity.
    No ip address , No Tunnels (if any), No pre-configured Protocols
    I would have been more thankful if you could share the IOU- with all full version.
    Also let me know, do we need to start the end devices and lan switches ? because when switching on its consuming around 12 GB of RAM on my PC.
    Please suggest

    Andy Reply
  • This is a demo version iou
    for full version do v hv to buy ?

    Chris Reply
  • I have got this post link in one of my ccie preparation group.
    2 of the group members failed in exam last week
    both said they got a new lab which they were not aware of.
    There is much time for my exam and i want to get my self prepared for all labs.
    Pls suggest me what should I do, as some vendors are saying no new lab and mine 2 friends who failed said new lab4 came in exam and also you are saying there is new lab as you have released so many posts mentioning lab4 details.
    My mail id shared

    Nbeile Reply
  • Hello,
    When, we will be able to download the H4 Sample workbook.
    Please share on my Email.

    morgan Reply

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