Lab4 (H4) – IOU-Web – Released

Lab4 (H4) – IOU-Web – Released


CLC – The first to release Lab4 (H4) IOU-Web.

Hardware Requirement for installation of VM (IOU-Web)

CPU : Min 4 Core (Recommended above 4 Core )
RAM : Min 12 GB (Recommended above 12 GB or above )
Storage : Min 10 GB free Space

Details of Lab4 (H4)

Total Devices : 121
Router : 31
L3 Switch : 18
LAN Switch : 20
User PC : 26
Server : 9
IP-Phone : 8
Mobile-User : 5
Tester PC : 2
Monitoring Device : 2


Lab4 (H4) – IOU-Web

Download Link :!b24yAALK!h9ejClIPTs-FSUCMC2g3_SRV4rHFyFg4H4mV4OnQa5w

Note : We will be releasing Lab4 (H4) Sample Workbook (free).


  • Thanks for the iou-web
    but its just physical connectivity.
    what abt ip add and the other pre-config

    Komus Reply
  • A many thanks to you guys.
    i will wait for the sample workbook

    Joe Reply
  • Hello,
    You guys are sharing this stuffs, with all free….. thanks
    I want to know if you are releasing the sample workbook tomorrow means the workbook is ready , so just want to know what is the passing chances in lab4 using your workbook.
    My exam is very close. I dont want to go in the exam and sit blank if i get Lab4.
    Pls mail me if your workbook is ready , ill buy.

    Imad Hussain Reply
  • I have downloaded the iou and found it only contains device connectivity.
    No ip address , No Tunnels (if any), No pre-configured Protocols
    I would have been more thankful if you could share the IOU- with all full version.
    Also let me know, do we need to start the end devices and lan switches ? because when switching on its consuming around 12 GB of RAM on my PC.
    Please suggest

    Andy Reply

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