Tshoot 1 (B1) : Released

Tshoot 1 (B1) : Released

Here it comes R&Sv5 Troubleshoot 1 (B1)
Get ready to test your skills.

Duration :- 02:00 hrs (00:30 hrs optional).

Too many devices , its hard to find out the issues within the given time.

But CCIE LAB CENTER workbook will make you solve the complete Tshoot within an hour.

Need to solve 10 Tickets – 22 points.
8 Tickets of 2 points (total 16 points) and 2 tickets of 3 points (6 points).

So, what are you waiting for, book your exam now and prepare yourself with our R&Sv5 Workbook which is simple and perfect with all the latest updates available.

Ticket 1   ( L2 Switching)Sample

User’s that are located in VLAN 100 of the BancoBank Headquarters have lost access to Server1, which is located in VLAN 200. Fix the issue so that the following output gets matched.

PC101#ping SERVER1


Solution 1 : Vlan 12 might not be allowed on trunk.
Solution 2 : DHCP helper address might be not configured on SW1 / SW2

and many more solutions

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