Lab4 (H4) – Arrived

Lab4 (H4) – Arrived

A very big news to all the CCIE Routing & Switching exam takers.Cisco has started testing the candidates with a new lab.
This is a very shocking news as only 8 months are remaining for the change of the version and a new lab has arrived.As per the experts, Cisco testing the candidates with all new lengthy lab with a huge number of devices making it very difficult to crack the lab within given of time.
Get ready to prepare yourself with a New Lab4.

Lab4 (H4) – Overview

Arrived date : 28/06/2019
100% Failing Results who are attempting exam and getting Lab4
In exam some candidates are getting old labs and some are getting new Lab4.
The new Lab4 is a complete scenario of a Company “Cisco Networks” containing topology in 11 parts
DataCenter1 / DataCenter2 / Headquarter1 / Headquarter2 / Training Center / Warehouse / Support Center / Local Sales Offcie / Home Offcie / Roaming Users / MPLS Core.

Details of Lab4 (H4)

More than 35 end devices (Includes : PC/Laptop/IP-Phone/Mobile-Phone/Server)
Around 18-20 L3 Switch
Around 18-22 L2 Switch
Around 25-30 Router
Around 2 Firewall (Non Clickable / Non Usable)
Total Devices : Around 105-125

Description of Lab4 (H4)

Our experts have attempted the exam.
The Lab is easier compared to all other previous Labs (Lab1 / Lab2 / Lab3).
Around 40-45% Lab is already pre-configured.
In this Lab Cisco will be testing you with the skills of BGP, VRF, DMVPN, OSPF, MULTICAST, MPLS, EIGRP, VTP,STP, Ether-Channel, Trunking, DHCP, NAT, QOS, NTP, HSRP, SSH/HTTP,

Workbook Solution Lab4 (H4)

Our experts are already in a process in completion of the solution workbook.
Very soon we will be ready with the perfect solution.
Questions + Solution + Topology + IOU-WEB

LAB4:: IOU-Web

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